Complete turnkey solutions from processing to packaging for margarine, butter, spreads, shortening and puff pastry.

With our trusted european partners Antagro is able to offer you a complete turnkey factory for different kind of cheeses starting from the reception and consequential pasteurization of milk, the whole cheese making process up to the coating for semi-hard and hard cheeses.

Double cream cheese, serbian brinza and feta, melted processed cheese, french type cheeses like camembert and brie as well as semi-hard (edam, gouda, rossiski) and hard cheeses (emmental, parmezan).

Complete systems to produce and pack butter (production of butter out of cream as well as remelting of frozen blocks for repackaging into consumer packages)

Automated equipment and production lines for industrial bakeries and pastry-making activities

Complete turnkey solutions for fruit and vegetables consisting of processing equipment for sorting, grading, washing, cooking, blanching, cutting, frying and packing.

We will find components required for your process

Wide range of industrial packing solutions. From wrapping blocks and plates to bag in box packaging, pick and place robot solutions and end of line palletising.