APV, an SPX FLOW Brand, provides a unique range of highly functional solutions, systems and products that address key business drivers. SPX FLOW bases its APV solutions on advanced technology products including pumps, valves, homogenizers, mixers and heat transfer offerings, as well as production efficiency experience, development expertise, maintenance management and regulatory compliance.

Specialist in equipment and technology for French type soft cheeses.

Market leader for butter and margarine wrapping. Benhil offers filling and wrapping machines for butter and margarine in consumer or big portions as well as tub filling machines.

Part of the Dero Group. Supplier of amongst others equipment for cheese pressing and mould handling. In cooperation with sister company Elten able to deliver a wide range of end-to-end solutions for all type of hard cheeses.

Part of the Dero Group. Specialist and market leader in the field of treatment, handling and processing of hard type cheeses.

CHR. Bock & Sohn is renowned as a specialist in the manufacture of packaging machines for margarine, butter, edible fats and comparable products.

The Gerstenberg Schröder (GS) brand is part of SPX FLOW, Inc. which manufactures, engineers and installs components and turnkey solutions for the global food processing industry. The GS brand comprises scraped surface heat exchanger technology, continuous butter and emulsification equipment used for processing of e.g. margarine, butter, spreads, shortening, puff pastry, mayonnaise, sauces and dressings.

Engineering company for turnkey factories in the fruit and vegetable industry.

Mecatherm designs, manufactures and installs automated equipment and production lines for industrial bakeries and pastry-making activities.

Machinery and production lines for the vegetable and fruit processing industry.

Pick and place deltarobot for filling boxes and crates with products. The pecker is often used for high speed stacking of doypacks into boxes.

Pattyn Packing Lines, specialist in box lining solutions, designs and manufactures packaging machines and fully automated lines for the food related and non food packaging industry. Pattyn responds continuously to the market demands. For every need they offer the right solution to pack and weigh fill your semi-liquid or bulk products into lined containers.

Turnkey solutions and stand-alone machines for processing potatoes, vegetables and fruits.

Automatic palletizing of products in boxes, trays, crates, buckets, bags and even complete layers. Because of the unique design one palletizer can handle multiple lines simultaneously on individual pallets.

Horizontal and vertical form, fill and seal machines (for doypacks and other packings).

Part of the Hochland Group, engineering and production company for equipment to produce processed cheese as well as innovative heat treatment for various branches of the food industry (meat, sauces, vegetable purees,…).

End of line packaging solutions (overwrapping and cartoning, case packing, palletizing and integration).