Maximise your meat processing returns

Discover how heat treatment of meat products using the RotaTherm® direct steam injection continuous cooking system can increase your profit while reducing waste

Did you know 20% of global food waste is meat?

Join the world’s leading meat processors who are improving efficiencies, reducing waste, and above all, increasing their profit with their meat processing.

Explore the opportunities to turn your losses into profits with Gold Peg and the RotaTherm®.

Gold Peg’s RotaTherm® systems not only address bacteriological problems, but also maximize the benefits and results such as achieving the highest yield and best quality result from meat products through continuous cooking.

Pictured: RotaTherm® 14,000 kg/h example

What is the RotaTherm®?

The RotaTherm® direct steam fusion continuous cooking system effectively and efficiently cooks and processes a wide variety of meat, meat by-products and other high viscosity and difficult to handle products, while delivering a load of benefits to processors.

This cooking technology is one of the few cooking systems in the world that rapidly, and uniformly, heats these difficult products to a set point temperature.

This enables the destruction of microorganisms and enabling the full utilization to create all possible product streams. The even heating takes only 15-20 seconds!

This fast processing plus its accurate and flexible process control has multi-dimensional benefits including:

  • Ensuring minimal protein degradation
  • Flavour maximization
  • Waste minimization
  • Energy saving
  • Increasing productivity

High-grade meat products like taco meat, sauces, pizza toppings and pie fillings are processed using this technology.


Pictured: Bolognaise sauce, meat pie filling and pet food

MAXimising meat processing OPPORTUNITIES with the RotaTherm®

Consider the range of edible (for human consumption) and inedible products that are made from various meat streams with the RotaTherm® such as:

  • Fatty trims become edible oils and edible lean meat – for use in burgers
  • Mechanically de-boned meat (MDM) such as chicken, pork, and beef – from chickens it is the base for chicken nuggets and for creating liquid and powdered chicken stock
  • Meat by-product internals create a high protein ingredient of pet food

“…dogs go crazy for it. I brought some home and poured it into a dish and my dog ate like it was the first meal in days…and she is usually a slow eater”, enthused one pet owner

  • Meat by-products such as viscera, spoiled eggs, pork lungs, livers & hearts, whole spent hens, etc generally results in pet food or inedible oils used in lubricants, water proofing, etc

Turn meat by-products into a profit stream!

By efficiently processing meat waste and by-products, meat manufacturers can reduce their waste while simultaneously improving their profit.

Make the most out of every part of the animal and its lifecycle.

Did you know that some of the world’s largest meat processors even claim the RotaTherm® is making more profit from what was a meat waste stream, than from their main cuts?

Through advanced control and unmatched flexibility, RotaTherm® is the only system you will need to optimally process all these products under low temperature, Pasteurization, UHT or Aseptic conditions at high volumes.

Explore three examples of how the RotaTherm® can reduce meat waste and utilize by-product with a maximum benefit

Examples of RotaTherm® meat applications

Mechanically Separated Chicken (MSC) to produce liquid and powder chicken stock

System set up

  • UHT temperatures at low pressures
  • High volume – 14,000 litres/h


  • Low pressure for minimal cellular damage
  • High yield
  • Improved flavour

Pet Food varieties from different recipes and ingredient streams

System setups

  • Pasteurise, UHT or Aseptic treatment at low pressure (low cellular damage)
  • High volume – 14,000 kg/h


  • More consistent product with better flavour
  • Quick / short cook time ensures minimal protein degradation
  • Burnt on particles produced with other processing methods have been eliminated
  • All product is brought to setpoint temperature evenly, consistently and quickly
  • Significantly less time in the retort (where appropriate)
  • Significant energy savings vs other processes such as thermal screw
  • Less waste compared to the high volume of product which is left in and coated on the thermal screw and/or jacketed walls of current methods
  • Cleaner and quicker changeovers between products
  • All-in-one continuous process – no need to prepare in steps (one blend then one cook)

Low-Temperature Defatting (Beef)


  • Excellent release of fat from the lean tissue, resulting in higher yields of oil recovery, and leaner solids, (96-98% lean)
  • Cook and cool very quickly and therefore has significantly less bacterial growth
  • Facility to add natural acidic ingredients (citric acid, lactic acid) during the process to further reduce or eliminate bacteria growth.
  • No further treatment by ammonia required (no risk of ‘pink slime’).
  • Excellent colour

Technical solution – how the RotaTherm® works

Direct steam injection continuous cooking successfully cooks the product, including ground beef product, with no uncooked lumps.

The RotaTherm® continuous cooker eliminates the microorganisms while producing a free-flowing product, without any partially cooked lumps or burnt particles.

This is achieved by the action of the axial rotation of the powered rotor operating within the cooking column.

This provides efficient mixing of the steam with the product which simultaneously stops all agglomeration of lumps and eliminates laminar flow within the cooker, ensuring that all product receives the same heat treatment.

Since the steam is directly fused with the product and no part of the cooker in contact with the product is hotter than the product it contains, no burn-on to the equipment can take place.

The process settings are optimized, and saved for future use, for each product maximizing the results.

Gold Peg’s unique reciprocating temperature probe ensures accurate set point temperature control over long production runs.

After the product is thermally (heat) treated to kill the bacteria, it is maintained in a fully sealed system to keep the product uncontaminated right to the end processing or packing station.

The versatility and control of the RotaTherm® system is beneficial technology to the processors MDM and meat by-products.

The system can be used for both edible and inedible rendering as well as processing of whole poultry birds – including feathers!

The proof

Bacteriological tests and other microscopic examination tests with the activation of starch granules, have proven a near perfect cook efficiency; this can be compared with former technologies that can have as low as 60% cook efficiency!

This low efficiency rate means that other technology is delivered uneven heating.

As well as guaranteeing an effective bacterial result, a further benefit seen specifically in free-flowing meat product through the RotaTherm® continuous cooking system is the prevention of aqueous or fat separation. This increases the final product yield by up to 7.5%.

Additional benefits of the RotaTherm®

Whilst processing a bacteriologically safe product, the RotaTherm ® continuous cooking system simultaneously provides many other processing benefits affecting the bottom line including:

  • Fast efficient heating and processing = high productivity, higher capacity and significant increases in product yield
  • High flexibility and control = process optimization for each product and more value from one investment
  • Superior heating technology design = no burn-on and higher quality product
  • Long runs = more production and less downtime
  • CIP-able = less downtime and increased safety
  • High levels of control and automation = more consistency and less manpower needed

The RotaTherm® system is available in different configurations to provide for pasteurised, UHT, or aseptic manufacture.

It enables the most delicate and some of the difficult meat products to be processed successfully, efficiently, and above all, safely.

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About Gold Peg

Gold Peg International has been designing and manufacturing the RotaTherm® in Australia and exporting globally since 1988.

The RotaTherm® is the chosen cooking technology for many major multinational American, Japanese and European companies that focus on meat, processed cheese and more.

Gold Peg is a founding member of Natec Network which is part of a Hochland group (in Germany).

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